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America University College Soccer Try-Outs Japan


We support players to get recruited by University & College Soccer Teams in the USA and Canada and get a scholarship.



Former NCAA D1 player

" After going through Pro Academies and Pro Reserve teams in France, being able to study and play at a NCAA Division 1 University in the USA was a great and beneficial experience. I encourage anyone who qualifies to take on this journey. Great opportunities for your future professional lives and memories for a lifetime will follow your University soccer journey in America. "


• Combine Education & Soccer

Universities in America are the only ones offering the combination of higher education + competitive sports + scholarships. Giving a chance to advance professional careers in both worlds.


• Help finance a University degree

With the increased costs of education and living it is important to find ways to finance higher education. A scholarship can reduce or in some cases eliminate the cost of a valuable degree.


• Amazing Facilities & Campus

Student-athletes train daily and compete at pro-look-alike facilities with a great supporting network of coaches, trainers, physios, and academic advisors. 

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• Personal Development

The experience of living, studying, playing, and traveling in America is a big step that encourages and requires the student to become more mature and independent.


• Soccer Development

Sports college is designed to give student-athletes the opportunity to reach their sporting potential and ambitions. It is up to you how good you want to be, and go to the next level.


• Spaces for all levels

With approx. 4,000 American universities and more than 500,000 student-athletes competing in college sports, there is a level for everyone! And there are scholarships at most levels. 


We match your talent with a University

There are spaces at every level. Depending on your profile, academic and athletic achievements, but also your preferences for studies and budget, we can find a matching University and scholarship in all collegiate athletic associations:

NCAA D1, 2, 3
​U-Sports (Canada)

US College USA University Soccer TryOut in Japan US College USA University Soccer TryOut in Japan アメリカの大学サッカー留学や奨学金獲得
US College USA University Soccer TryOut in Japan アメリカの大学サッカー留学や奨学金獲得

Pre-University program in Montreal Canada

Supervised by two former professional players with experiences in MLS, Canada National Team, and NCAA D1.

Quality soccer program, soccer combines, USA tours, University eligible courses, English (and French) speaking environment.


A great way to prepare yourself for University and get exposure to coaches from NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA, and U-Sports.

The program helps to get scholarships in the USA and in Canada with its network covering most Universities and divisions.


A year at a University in the USA can cost between 1 and ~8 million Yen (¥).

There are different categories of fees:

• School tuition

• Housing

• Food

• Textbooks, academic materials

• Health insurance (sometimes)


The scholarship can cover one or several categories of expenses and the amount of the scholarships awarded varies depending on the level of athletic and academic achievement. It’s up to the players. 

Pro Soccer TryOut in Japan アメリカプロサッカー


Top players can hope to be invited to the MLS Draft or receive offers directly from USL teams after graduation.

Becoming a pro player is very difficult. Only few make it. It should not be the primary goal when players decide to go on this adventure. But after all, everyone can write their own story. It's up to you!


They took on the journey before you. All players received a scholarship.





Player Recruitment & Scholarship

College Admission

Athletic Association Registration
Visa Application

Follow-up & Career Advise

English Soccer Camps


In March and July

5 days/4 nights Monday to Friday

At Nomade Resort in Izu Shimoda, Shizuoka

Includes daily english soccer training, training games, english classes, and college life presentations and guidance. You can spend a time with other players preparing for college soccer. Abroad players are of course accepted.

English Soccer Preparation


September ~ June

~2 times a week

With International Football Club partner in Tokyo FC NOMADE

Includes english soccer training, training games, official league games.

FC NOMADE provides an international and english speaking environment similar than what you will find in America. You can play with players who have the same goals, and who can support each other in the process.

You can choose to play with FC NOMADE only or to play with another club team or school team at the same time. In that case you can arrange your schedule and come when it’s possible.


The team participates in the Tokyo Metropolis League. It’s an international private league, so you don’t need to be registered in the Japanese League with FC NOMADE and there is no conflict with your other club or school team.


The level is similar to the Tokyo Shakaijin Division 2~3. It’s adult soccer so you play against older players. It’s an international league with many English speakers, foreigners and Japanese. A similar experience than college soccer.


The season is from September to June. There are 18 games to play at least. You should try to participate as much as you can to improve your communication skills and experience soccer in English with foreign players.


The games occur on popular grounds in Tokyo, Yokohama, Chiba, or Saitama like Mitsubishi Yowa Grounds (Chofu, Sugamo), YC&AC (Yokohama), Denshi Fukuda Square (Chiba), or Yono Hachioji Football Ground (Saitama).