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University, Soccer & Scholarship in the USA 

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Kamome Park

6505 Izumicho, Izumi Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa 245-0016

May, Saturday 14


Open to all Senior High School players (grade 10, 11, 12)

Limited to 20 players

¥3,000 (no charge for FC NOMADE players)



• Combine Education & Soccer

Universities in the USA are the only ones offering the combination of higher education + competitive sports + scholarships. Giving a chance to advance professional careers in both worlds.


• Help finance a University degree

With the increased costs of education and living it is important to find ways to finance higher education. A scholarship can reduce or in some cases eliminate the cost of a valuable degree.


• Amazing Facilities & Campus

Student-athletes train daily and compete at pro-look-alike facilities with a great supporting network of coaches, trainers, physios, and academic advisors. 

University Building

• Personal Development

The experience of living, studying, playing, and traveling in the US is a big step that encourages and requires the student to become more mature and independent.


• Soccer Development

Sports college is designed to give student-athletes the opportunity to reach their sporting potential and ambitions. It is up to you how good you want to be, and go to the next level.


• Spaces for all levels

With approx. 4,000 American universities and more than 500,000 student-athletes competing in college sports, there is a level for everyone! And there are scholarships at most levels. 


​1. We find you a suitable University

There are spaces at every level. Depending on your profile, academic and athletic achievements, but also your preferences for studies and budget, we find players Universities and scholarships in all college athletic associations:

  • NCAA Division I, II, III

  • NAIA

  • NJCAA Divison I, II, III

  • ​U-Sports (Canadian Universities)


2. Join a One-year Pre-University program in Montreal, Canad


  • A great way to prepare yourself for University and get exposure to coaches from NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA, and U-Sports. Quality soccer program, soccer combines, USA tours, University eligible courses, English (and French) speaking environment. The program helps to get scholarships in the USA and in Canada.


  • Supervised by two former professional players with experiences in MLS, Canada National Team, and NCAA I, and with a network covering almost all Universities and divisions in the USA.


Fill out the Free Assessment to receive all info about the programs


A year at a University in the USA can cost between 1 and ~8 million Yen (¥).

There are different categories of fees:

• School tuition

• Housing

• Food

• Textbooks, academic materials

• Health insurance (sometimes)


The scholarship can cover one or several categories of expenses and the amount of the scholarships awarded varies depending on the level of athletic and academic achievement. It’s up to the players. 


Becoming a pro player is very difficult. It should not be the primary goal when players decide to go on this adventure. But after all, everyone can write their own story. It's up to you.

Football Training on Astroturf


We did it too


We have experience studying and playing soccer at an NCAA Div 1 University in the USA, and we encourage anyone who qualifies to take on this adventure. Memories for a lifetime and great opportunities will follow this journey. 

Start with FC NOMADE U18


We want to offer exciting opportunities to our players, but also to anyone outside the club wanting to go to the USA. Joining our U18 team is a great way to prepare for it, and it does not require to be registered in the Japanese Leagues (JFA) with FC NOMADE.


The recruitment for soccer programs usually are Fall Term (starts August) and Winter/Spring Term (starts January)

​The soccer season is played during the Fall Term (August~December)

The length of the process varies depending on your profile (nationality, level of English, school grade, academic results, soccer level, etc.). For example, some may need to start preparing earlier than others to learn English and hit a good score on the test, or some may get recruited faster because of their soccer level and good video highlights. In any case, it's always better to prepare ahead of this journey. At least ~6-8 months before are preferably before your departure to the USA. This gives enough time to go through the different steps below.



• Assessment

Evaluation of your soccer abilities and academics to find a suitable university level for you.

• Meeting

Overview of your options, scholarship opportunities, and your preferences.

• Testing

Guidance on English test requirements (SAT, ACT, IELTS, TOEFL…).




• Promotion

Creating your profile with video highlights to show your talents to our partners and coaches.

• Find the Right Opportunities

Helping you to pick a list of schools interested.

• Coach Contact

Helping you communicate with coaches, making sure you have all the info to decide.

• Accept an Offer

Assisting you in the decision on accepting an offer from the right school and signing your papers.



• Application to School

Assisting with the school application and various documents needed to be accepted to your school.

• Eligibility Requirements

Support on Eligibility and Compliance to obtain your license to play in college sports.

• Visa Assistance

Guidance for financial documents, and student visa appointments at the embassy.

• Flights and Pre-arrival

Helping prepare for your trip. Flight booking, pre-arrival prep, insurance, and US phone plans.



• Support

Regular updates and check-ins with us. Help with the day-to-day student-athlete life in the USA.


Start with FC NOMADE
FC NOMADE is a perfect start to preparing for US College. All our teams are a mix of
international and Japanese players. Coaching is in English and most of the players are fluent in speaking, which makes the perfect place to prepare for a University team.


With FC Nomade you get to participate in quality training in English and play at a competitive in an international-friendly team. The U13, U15 teams play in the Kanagawa League (official league), so playing from this level is a great way to prepare ahead.


U18 Team and Japan Tour

With the U18 Japan Tour, our U18 Team will also play competitive friendly games against quality teams in Tokyo and ultimately in all of Japan. This will also be a way to film all games and help players to make their video highlights, which are very important in the recruitment process.

Keep playing for your current team

Joining our U18 team is a great way to prepare for it, but for players already committed to another team, it is still possible to join our Japan Tour as it does not require to be registered in the Japanese League with FC NOMADE. You can do both.

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