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A soccer trip to French Ligue 1 Top Academy Olympique Lyonnais' Summer Camp for Ryunosuke

This past summer, Ryunosuke Hirata - U-14 player at FC Nomade and AOBA International School - was able to travel to Poitiers, France and experience a top level soccer camp with one of most successful French Ligue 1 top academy, the Olympique Lyonnais (OL).

FC Nomade has helped Ryunosuke prepare for this soccer trip. From advising on the best academies and camps to join this summer in France, to filling and submitting the necessary administrative documents and application.

Ryunosuke Hirata, U-14 FC Nomade player, at Olympique Lyonnais's summer camp in Poitiers, France.

As Ryunosuke returned to his regular soccer practice routine with FC Nomade in Tokyo, we have asked him a couple of questions on his best learnings from this summer:


"Ryunosuke, we are happy you were able to experience such a great soccer trip in France with one of the most popular and reknown pro academy in France. Can you tell us the top 3 things you have learned this summer?


" Number one was the physical aspect. French players's body is much different. Everyone is taller and bigger, but also faster and more endurant. Their intensity and stamina are both great.

The second one was the technical aspect. I realized that I had good skills to receive, protect and keep the ball, and dribbling in tight spaces. But I was challenged physically, players were coming at me fast, closing spaces around me, pushing and tackling hard.

So I think it's important to know how to read the game faster before receiving the ball. Anticipate the next move and to see the space to go. And to release the ball faster sometimes. And of course, more physical training.

Third one was the style and the mentality. Defensively, they don't stop until they recovered the ball. They would chase you until the goal line. Offensively, they are also good on possession like in Japan, but try to play more direct sometimes to break lines and play long balls. Also, players try to make runs behind the defense a lot. And players don't hesitate to dribble straight to the goal when they have space in front of them.


Would you say that FC Nomade, which has many foreign players and a great variety of players in the teams, helped you to prepare for this camp in France?


Yes for sure, with all non-Japanese players in the team, we get to experience and learn a more European style of soccer and play with players with different skill sets. The players in France were just even bigger and stronger overall (laugh), and the level was quite high.


" We heard you got the MVP award there, you seem happy obviously and very motivated since you came back to practice with us. You even asked the coach to practice with older and stronger players."


Yes it was very motivating camp and getting the award was so satisfying. I can clearly see where I need to improve too. I'm very pumped for this season.


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