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[PLAYER STORY: CONRAD] Nomade Student=Athletes' first player

Conrad, 18 years old, is a Swedish-Japanese center-back and right-back who played for AOBA International School and FC NOMADE U15 before transferring to FC TORIPLETTA U18. Conrad is the first player to take his chance to America with NOMADE STUDENT=ATHLETES and he is now at West Virginia University Tech.

Conrad, with FC NOMADE U15 (Kanagawa League Div. 4) in 2019.

Conrad was an exemplary player at FC NOMADE through his performances, dedication, and commitment. Although he made his debut as a center-back for his obvious physical abilities, and good vision of the game, he was used as a winger and offensive player too for his fast dribbling and power.

He scored many goals in the Kanagawa League and remains FC NOMADE U15's all-time best scorer at this time.

Conrad, with FC TORIPLETTA U18 (Tokyo League Div. 3) in 2021-22.

Conrad was then able to join FC TORIPLETTA U18 where he became a starter and a leader. Conrad's ambitions continue to grow and after a few seasons there and a High-School degree in hand, he decided with the help of NOMADE STUDENT=ATHLETES to commit to the West Virginia University Tech Men's Soccer Team (NAIA). He is granted an athletic scholarship, too.

As a freshman there, Conrad quickly earned his playing time, starting in most games since the beginning of the season. Not only that, Conrad recently became Champion of the River State Conference with WVUT. The team record is 13-2-3 overall. They will now play the Conference Tournament semi-final tomorrow Wed. 9th November, at 7 pm local time (Watch Here).

WVUT started the regular season ranked #100+ in NAIA (all conferences). Since Conrad's arrival and the team's good results, they are now ranked #46 (the last update was before winning the regular season). The team recently received 17 votes in the last Top #25 poll, too. Now, the team has to win the Conference Tournament to make it to the National Tournament.

Good luck, Conrad!

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