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Soccer Camps: New Venue in Shimoda, Izu for 2023

FC NOMADE will host all its soccer camps in Shimoda, Izu from this year in a newly renovated log cottages complex: The Ocean Vibes Club (OVC).

The log cottages, made of real Canadian wood, offer cozy, comfortable and private spaces for the players. They are all equipped with a full bath/shower, a full kitchenette, a dining area, and a bedroom upstairs that can sleep up to 4 people. There will also be larger cottages with an occupancy of 10 soon.

OVC has features, services, and amenities that are fun, relaxing, and exciting, including various private deck spaces, a Patio Bar (opening 3/10/2023), a rooftop pool (opening Summer 2023), as well as BBQ and Pizza Patio (opening Summer 2023).

Only minutes walk from the OVC is Shirahama Beach, one of the most popular vacation beach resort areas in Japan. Not very far either, is the soccer ground on most sessions will be held.

OVC really is the best place for our soccer camps combining the comfort of any sports facility and a vibrant and relaxing place for vacations. Coaches can balance intense and focused soccer sessions with fun and relaxing beach activities.

Lastly, it can welcome the players and their families if space allows it.

Coming-up next at OVC: 2023 Spring Soccer Camps


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