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Summer Soccer Camps: available spaces for Week 8, all other weeks full (updated: now all weeks FULL)

Our summer soccer camps are almost all full, only Week 8 has still available spaces. Visit the camp's page now to register before it gets full.

Week 1 and 2 are already gone, and both weeks went very well. Coaches and players are enjoying a serious yet fun soccer camp in Shimoda (Shizuoka) staying at the Nomade Resort.

This year again, participants engage in soccer activities every day completing around 25 hours of soccer in 5 days. Players also relax between session at the resort and can enjoy the jacuzzi pool, BBQs, and also get some beach time.

The number of players in each age groups has also been ideal so far, allowing coaches to smoothly arrange quality training for the players. The diversity of player, with a lot coming from abroad, is also creating a good environment for all to improve communication in English.

Week 1 Photos

This year's new features including 3 different soccer plans: the Regular plan, the Elite plan, and the American College Prep plan.

The Elite plan includes features such as specific training and coaching based on the players' strengths/weaknesses & performance goals, individual and small group focus at higher intensity, mental performance coaching, athletes nutrition guidance.

While the American College Prep Plan can offers to the players a full immersion in English with English soccer training & English classes, English tests guidance, and an American college presentation and guidance.

All information are available on the summer camps' page here:


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