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U-15 Pre-Season Weekend at the Nomade Resort in Shimoda Shizuoka

U-15 Pre-Season Weekend

January, Saturday 20 - Sunday 21

At Nomade Resort, Shirahama Shimoda, Shizuoka Prefecture

¥25,000 (+ tax)

Doesn't include train tickets

Open to

  • FC Nomade U-15 members

  • Trial Players


The team will travel on the Saturday morning and come back on the Sunday end of afternoon/early evening. 

More detailed travel info to come.

We will have team practices and possible training games Vs local teams during that weekend.

Staying at a great place for teambuilding activities featuring shared wooden cabins, big conference room, BBQ evening, and more.

Why a Pre-Season

From the 2024 Season, FC Nomade sets an ambitious goal for the U-15 team:

[ Promotion to Division 3 of the Kanagawa League ]

Making this very bold statement will hopefully put the team in the right path and dynamics to becoming a stronger team in the League.

Let's have ambitions with our team and players. We play in the official Japanese Football League after all, every team chases a promotion in the higher division.

There is a lot of great educational outcomes and pride on the personal and collective level (for Japan's international community too).

It requires commitement and dedication. To put this into action, we want to bring everyone together the time of a Pre-Season Weekend.

It never happened before, but it makes a lot of sense for our team. Our players are from different schools, background, countries and need time to get to know each other. 

We need to create strong bonds, great team spirit. And want players to know they will join other great players from the other schools.

Join this "mandatory" Pre-Season Weekend and let's give our best from the 2024 season.

Thank you

FC Nomade Staff




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