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U-18/Top: Tokyo Metropolis League | Players looking for a football team in Tokyo welcome to try-out

The U-18/Top team in a game last season

Players have now returned to their school and soccer practice routine with FC Nomade. The U-18 team is now preparing its second season of the Tokyo Metropolis League in the Division 2 after being promoted from Division 3 the past season. It is a great time to try-out for the team is you are looking for a new football team in Tokyo.

Here are some info about our coming league games and schedule:

U-18/Top Team

Tokyo Metropolis League

Division 2

2023-24 Season

11-a-side Football in Tokyo

First League game for the team on:

Sunday September 17th

15:15 kickoff @ Ikuta Frontale

Vs Sagamartha

Players new to Tokyo and looking for a football team to join this season should submit their Trial form available here.

Recruitment: Profile of Players who join the team

  • 16 years old and over (who are going to turn 16 after April 2023 for the youngest)

  • Japanese and foreign players

  • High School attending either Japanese schools or international schools of Tokyo or Yokohama

  • University players

  • Adult players willing to be part of a young and energetic team in the TML

  • Foreign players who wants to play in an international football league in Tokyo against teams that are very international to full Japanese at times

  • Japanese players who want to join an international football club, learn soccer in a different style, and learn English while playing soccer

  • Passionate, motivated players

Players can really benefit being in a structured football club team in Tokyo that provides quality training while in an international environment in Tokyo.

Our participation in league games and competitions is also a great opportunity to advance players' sports development and education outside of the schools.

Opportunities to join a quality Soccer Program in Montreal, Canada from the first year of High School or being recruited in a University team in the USA or Canada are available.


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