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U18 / TOP Team in TML Div. 3 next Season

Good news for the club. Our U18 / TOP Team will play in the Tokyo Metropolis League (TML) from the 2022/23 Season, which starts in September.

The TML accommodates 30 teams across 3 divisions, the league aims to provide organized, competitive 11-a-side football following a schedule closely aligned with many European domestic leagues. The league proudly hosts a vast array of teams with players’ nationalities spanning the globe.

The league follows a Round-Robin Championship format (Home/Away games) and also organizes a Cup tournament in which teams from all divisions can play each other. FC NOMADE U18 / TOP Team will enter the league in Division 3 and play around 18 games per season. All games are played on Saturday or Sunday in the Tokyo/Chiba/Yokohama areas.

We are very proud to participate in the league and excited for the players. Our team will surely be the youngest squad in all divisions, so it should give our players motivation to demonstrate their skills and abilities to win against more experienced teams. Over 18 years old players will be called to join the games though to bring more balance and experience.

This is the best opportunity the club has offered to our young players yet. All of them have a goal for their High-School and after High-School football careers, and this can really help them prepare for it. We are looking forward to watching them work together, improve, and grow individually and as a team.

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